Are You Living a Healthy Lifestyle? 4 Tips to Improve Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

November 9, 2017

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The media, doctors, and even our mothers seemingly all agree on one thing: living a healthy lifestyle is important. Nearly everywhere we go, we are admonished to adopt good habits. 

Why exactly is it important, and what does it really take to live this way? Does it mean that you just need to perform a few exercises each day and add some whole grains and fresh vegetables to your diet? What does it really take to be healthy?

The Benefits of Good Health

When we properly care for our bodies, we are better able to ward off infections and disease. Being physically fit can increase our energy levels, as well as our self-confidence. It can also help us to feel more in control of our lives. 

Each of these benefits works together to increase our self-esteem and makes us more resilient to all forms of physical and mental stress.  

While our diet and activity levels are important factors that affect our strength, vitality, and well-being a truly healthy lifestyle is one that supports our mind and spirit in addition to our physical body.

Are You Free of Self-Destructive Habits?

Coping with the pressures of life can be very challenging. It's all too easy to pick up bad habits that wear our bodies down and destroy our health. Many women, for example, turn to food during stressful times. 

This makes it hard to control portion sizes and the number of calories we eat. In addition to gaining excess weight, other eating disorders, such as anorexia, can develop. 

Overindulgence isn't limited to food. Many start to smoke or drink. Others engage in harmful practices, like excessive gambling, or shopping, to cope with stress. 

While some break free of these habits on their own, a women's recovery center can be a safe place for women to go if they need extra help to overcome an addiction. 


Simplify to Find Balance

Improving your mental health starts with effectively managing your energy levels throughout the day, by balancing the demands made on your time. As women, we are often the primary caregivers in our families and have several other responsibilities each day. Our lives are busy whether we work outside of the home or not. Having too many demands on our time frequently prevents us from getting enough sleep. 

Sleep deprivation is quite common. It hampers our mental processes, especially our ability to recall information and regulate our emotions. When we get enough sleep, it improves our mental health.

If we want our minds to be healthy, then we must also strike a reasonable balance between our personal time and the time we spend at work. Is overtime really worth it if it always leaves us feeling completely drained? 

Most of us struggle with over-extending ourselves on our off days. If you spend all of your personal time going from one activity to the next, you will feel better if you accept that you aren't a superhero, and can't "do it all" all of the time. 

It really is okay to say "no," to invitations when you need time to recharge. It's also okay to ask those that live with you for help with chores and other tasks. 

Celebrate You

We don't just exist in the physical and mental realms, we are also spiritual beings. To live a truly healthy lifestyle, we need to build the spiritual connection between ourselves and the world around us. 

We can reconnect with our spiritual selves by focusing on our "inner" life. Learn to listen to your inner voice to discover your true passions. Look for ways to make room in your life for the people and things that bring you happiness and joy. 

When was the last time that you did something you truly enjoy? Do you take time, on a regular basis, to pray, meditate or simply to reflect on your life and count your blessings? How often do you express gratitude? Each of these actions are simple ways to increase your connection to your inner spirit so that you can live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. 


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Lindsey Renuard is a blogger, YouTube beauty expert, and the Managing Editor of the Skiatook Journal.

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