Making Mother’s Day Special for Your Grandchild’s Mom

May 8, 2014

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Little girl with grandmother play paint handprints

As a mother and grandmother, you likely have fond memories of Mother’s Day. You may remember being fed breakfast in bed by your little angels or perhaps you have kept every single homemade card created by your children. It is only fitting that you help make those memories for your grandchildren’s mother. Whether it is her first Mother’s Day or twentieth, you can make her day one that she will remember and appreciate for years to come.

Cook a Meal

Help your grandchildren create a meal fit for a queen. Find recipes that are fun, safe and easy for little hands to make. For breakfast, they can butter toast, help pour cereal or peel bananas. Kick it up by planning your meal as a picnic or tea party. Martha Stewart has some other creative Mother’s Day meal ideas posted on her website including heart-shaped egg toast, spinach quiche and radish tea sandwiches. If you use your daughter or daughter-in-law’s kitchen, don’t forget to clean up!

Send Flowers

For grandparents who are out of town, it can be challenging to get the kids together to work on a craft, meal or to take photos. However, it is still possible to make your grandchildren’s mother feel special on Mother’s Day. One of the best ways to show your appreciation for her is to send flowers or other gifts. You can order flowers from your home computer or smartphone even if you are miles away. Online companies such as make it easy to send flowers anywhere.

Mother’s Day Craft

What mother doesn’t love a homemade gift from her child? Often, these precious gifts are kept for many years as a special reminder of a child’s love. Help your grandchildren make a card or other craft for their mother on Mother’s Day. You can buy card stock and let them get creative with their handprints. You can trace both of their hands on card stock with the pointer and thumbs forming a heart. Then cut it out and fold it to make a unique-shaped Mother’s Day card. Or dip their hands in fingerpaint to make a lasting impression on their card. For a craft that is fun to make and their mother will appreciate, try making a homemade lavender-filled beauty mask.

Photo Shoot

You can’t go wrong with framed photos of the children. If you are not a skilled photographer, make an appointment with a professional. You may decide to have studio-type portraits or outdoor scenic pictures done. Usually, the photographer will have some good ideas about what to do from there. If you don’t have a large budget for a photographer, consider silly pictures with fun props. You can make mustaches, hearts and signs that read “I love you mommy!” Let the children decorate the frame for the photo and present it to their mother on Mother’s Day.

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