Maxim Lighting Fixtures Add Shine and Sparkle to a History of Sturdy Engineering

May 26, 2017

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Despite our dependence on light, a design element often ignored is the light fixture. There are instances where the most notable component of the fixture is the light switch; that and when the light bulb burns out. Doesn’t this seem a tad strange when lighting is something people use daily?

It’s high time that interior design enthusiasts look to more than replacing their sagging sofa or cracked leather armchair. To finish a room and to make its design come full circle, we need to incorporate bold light fixtures.

The Story Behind Maxim Lighting

Before we can go about replacing the outdated lighting found throughout our living space, we need to understand what type of light fixture we need and what it can do for the home’s interiors.

Many lighting fixture brands promise style and functionality. The question to ponder here is: do these lighting brands live up to their promises? There is one brand that does, and that’s Maxim Lighting. What makes Maxim Lighting different from other lighting companies? To start, the company’s founder, Jacob Sperling, studied aeronautical engineering.

After years of working for a lighting retailer, Sperling decided to take his engineering training plus lighting retail experience and fashion a lighting brand that would combine the mathematical sophistication of engineering with the creative firebrand of product design. Sterling set to work creating daring new lighting fixtures in his garage. Once finished he would pack up his wares in the back of his station wagon and drive about town, find a parking spot and open shop. By 1970, Jacob needed extra hands on deck and so he made his brother Zvi his business partner. Voila, Maxim Lighting was born.

Maxim’s Continued Excellence

Almost 50 years later, Maxim Lighting has continued to produce light fixtures that challenge the status quo. How can a light fixture challenge the status quo? Let’s put it into perspective:

To fully get the amount of light they need, people need three layers: accent, ambient and task lighting. A simple overhead light will help illuminate the space, but it’s not a complete solution.. Think about it: does the overhead light in your bedroom produce enough light when you’re tucked away in bed with an open book in your lap? It doesn’t, does it? No, you need the assistance of your table lamps to clearly read the words on the page. Having a simple glass overhead light doesn’t make the space feel all that alluring either, but rather makes it look and feel stale. This isn’t so with Maxim Lighting.

Maxim Lighting designers have created lighting fixtures that are built to look good and last. Maxim Lighting prides itself on the relationships they have built with their clients. Establishing the Builder’s Program in 2003, Jacob Sterling wanted to work shoulder to shoulder with home and building contractors to make sure homeowners got the best lighting they could. Just this year, Maxim Lighting was presented with the Vendor of the Year Award, an award that “signifies a company’s excellence in services both with logistics and the overall ability to exceed expectation and accomplish set goals.”

Maxim Lighting has never stopped creating bigger and better light fixtures. To create better, stronger outdoor lighting fixtures, Maxim Lighting created an alternative material to polyurethane resin called Vivex. Twice as strong and able to bear extreme temperatures, Vivex is incredibly malleable and allows lighting designers to create out-of-this-world fixtures.

Mixing and matching modernism with old-world traditionalism, Maxim Lighting recognizes the successes of yesteryear and goes one step further: making better, long lasting fixtures.





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