Monster nTune Headphones help kids stay connected – Plus GIVEAWAY

November 4, 2015

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Being a kid isn't easy. From practicing spelling words and learning fractions to trying to make friends and interact with siblings, there is always something to stress them out. To help kids fuel up for school and engage them throughout the year, Monster has partnered with Kellogg’s to empower their personality and keep them excited for learning.

The new is wearing off the school year and the days are getting shorter. As parents, we have to find ways to keep our kids engaged and learning their best.

I have found that creativity is the best way to keep kids participating and excited. Art projects, science experiements, and music are all great ways to encourage your child's creativity.

Christopher loves doing science experiments like this one where he tried to find a way to crush a water bottle without using his hands. For the record, just pour in really hot water a few times, empty it out, and put the lid on. The bottle will crush.

My kids also love playing on their iPads. Games like Minecraft and BlocksWorld really bring out their creativity in their off hours when it's too cold to play outside. But frankly, I don't want to listen to four iPads making noise all at once. This is where Monster comes in. The Monster N-Tune headphones have this wonderful thing called N-Credible Durability, which basically means they are made for durability and to be super tough, perfect for kids. I can't tell you the number of cheap headphones we went through before getting Monster headphones. They break after just a few days! But Monster's N-Tune headphones are tough.

  nTune headphones red

nTune headphones durability

Yeah. That tough. They can be kids, and be creative, and you know these headphone will stand up to their abuse. They will stand up to being lost under the bed, or slept on, or wrestled in.

nTune headphones

Good thing they come in a lot of colors! Visit for more information and all the color choices!

Monster NTune Candy Colour Collection

Monster NTune Pastel Collection

As if these N-Tune Monster headphone weren't cool enough, you can also share your music! Just plug another set of headphones into the N-Tune headphone and you can both listen to the same thing with MusicShare!dual headphones

So the kids can watch a movie together on Netflix, listen to the same song, laugh at the same YouTube videos, all without getting on everyone else's nerves!

Your kid is unlike any other, so let’s promote their personality power by letting kids be kids and be themselves. Here are a few top back pack basics sure to engage and inspire them to let their individuality shine!

1)      Keep them satisfied. Whether they’re sassy and savory or super and sweet, pack them a smart snack to suit their personality and get their juices flowing. Smart snacks are baked, low in fat and available in pre-portioned, smart-sized packets. 

2)     Creative catalyst. Inspiration can strike anywhere from the bus to the playground. Give your kids the tools they need to capture it with a small sketch pad and a supply of colored pencils.  Keep a compact set of supplies in their backpack so they put every idea to paper every time!

3)     Music motivation. It doesn’t matter if your style is hip-hop, alternative or country, nothing defines your style and gets you moving like music. Monster N-Tune on-ear headphones brings your favorite music, movies and games to life with unmatched clarity and depth;  hand-tuned with precision and bass designed to blow you away. Their compact sleek colorful design completes any style and will fit perfectly in a backpack.

4)     Stylish security blanket. Every kid has it, that one piece of clothing that makes them feel like a king or queen. Put that shirt, scarf or hat – whatever it is – into their backpack so they can easily sport it whenever they need an extra confidence booster at school!

Win your own Monster N-Tune headphones!



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livivua November 5, 2015 at 2:02 pm

my daughter and listening to her school notes via audio

Rhonda G November 8, 2015 at 5:23 pm

My grandkids LOVE playing on my ipad! I am forever telling them to turn down the volume. These would be perfect! (for all of us 🙂 )

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