Most Eventful Zoo Day Ever.

February 24, 2014

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Usually when we go to the zoo it’s all sleeping animals, too many people, and most of our time spent at the playground. But this weekend was different.

Christopher wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING. And he was getting all of the cats to get up and move around.

We started the day by seeing who was the closest in size to a chimpanzee. Christopher won.

chimpanzee size

We went on the Wildlife Trek which has buildings for the Arctic Tundra, Western Desert, Eastern Forest and Southern Lowlands.

tulsa zoo

This little guy in the desert was trying to climb Dylan’s face through the glass I think. Dylan stuck his face right by the glass and the lizard came over and started trying to climb the glass. Kinda funny actually.


Christopher sat here and read every word in the exhibit about the Massai. Good thing there was a bench nearby for Mom!

Massai Tulsa Zoo

Christopher got the jaguar to get up and walk around. He even came right up to the glass and tried to sniff Christopher. He says its because he has a thing for cats and all cats, no matter how wild, still have cuteness in them.


These otters were so fun and playful while we were there!


But truly the most eventful thing was a fight between a wallaby and a peacock. An actual fight. Just see for yourself.

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