My Irrational Fear of Dropping Things

March 27, 2012

in Confessions

It started when my oldest was a baby. I started having those fun Mommy nightmares that I dropped him and he hit his head on the corner of the coffee table. Then it expanded and I would fear dropping him all the time.

Of course I never did.

Now that my kids are bigger and I don't carry them around, my fear occasionally pops up at the weirdest times and for no real reason.

Last night as I lay in bed I was suddenly afraid of dropping my expensive camera over the balcony and watching it smash to pieces.

I wasn't using my camera. I wasn't using my camera outside. I wasn't on the balcony.

I was inside, in bed, in the dark, trying to sleep.

Irrational fears are just that, irrational. By definitional an irrational fear poses little to no danger.

This fear strikes at strange times. I might be afraid of dropping a glass jar as I put it back in the fridge. I may be afraid of dropping the contents of my purse down the stairs as I look for my car keys. The fear rarely is an actual threat and can't really count as a phobia because I don't get an elevated heart rate, sweat, or show any other signs of anxiety. I just am a little more aware of my surroundings and my level of carefulness. Sometimes my head makes no sense.

What are your irrational fears?

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hollow tree ventures March 27, 2012 at 11:25 am

Mine is a fear of swerving off the road while I'm driving.  Not when the weather is bad, or there's oncoming traffic.  I'm in total control of the car.  I've never been in a bad acident or anything, so I'm not having some weird flashback.  But sometimes an image of swerving will come on so suddenly it'll make me flinch, and I have no idea why or where it comes from.  Brain misfire, I guess?

Kerry March 27, 2012 at 1:03 pm

I have the biggest fear of snakes.  There is no reasoning behind it as I have not been harmed by a snake.  I live in an area where the snakes cannot hurt me but it doesn't matter.  You can try all you want to convince me that I will be fine but I cannot handle it.  I stop breathing, I have passed out…yep all because I have seen a snake.  
I found your blog through the blogger comment club- thanks for letting me visit.

Krystle March 30, 2012 at 2:43 pm

I have a fear of throw up or people throwing up. I hate the noise and everything. If someone starts making a weird face…I'm the first one out the door lol. Not sure why. I haven't thrown up in over ten years.

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