My Kid’s Got Swag

November 22, 2011

in Lifestyle

A couple of days ago Little Brother got in trouble at school for showing his butt to another kid.

I did my absolute best to keep a straight face while the teacher explained this to me.

Or maybe I didn't do that great job of it. My poker face seems to not be working as well the last few weeks.

As the teacher explained Little Brother's pants dropping antics, I nodded. Agreed to discuss the issue with him. Then I had to ask. Did he show his butt to Jordan or Sophia?

Little Brother has two girlfriends in his class. Both Jordan and Sophia are tiny, adorable little girls. Both have long light brown hair and big brown eyes. I guess he has a type already. Every day when I drop him off at school, these two girls come up and show him their new pink or purple glittery nail polish, a new hair bow, or new clothes. LBs got swag.

Little Brother looks at them, sticks his fingers in his mouth, and heads straight for the food.

He is not quite four years old and already such a man.

Luckily he hadn't shown his butt to either girl.