Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review

May 21, 2014

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Christopher does have a problem with the name of this box. He says nerd are people who wear glasses, carry calculators, and can’t run. And he is NOT a nerd.

Products in the box:

Star Wars Plush Darth Vader, $9.99 at Toys R Us

star wars darth vader plush toy

I knew the values on the box had to be very underestimated. The box says this toy value is $2. Both my boys love this mini evil plush Darth Vader. They agreed to share him. We shall see.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Water Grow, $9.99 at Toys R Us

teenage mutant ninja turtles water grow

Dylan really likes Ninja Turtles. Most of the time. This looks really cool. You put it in water and the turtle grows 800% of the original size. The shell size stays the same. My major complaint about this toy is the time. It takes two days before he starts to grow completely submerged in water. It takes 2 weeks to reach full size. My 6 year old is not amused. Or patient. Plus, where so you put it? So we have it in a bucket on the bathroom floor. I just hope the cats don’t drink all the water.

Tech Deck Longboard, $3.99 at Target according to one website, Couldn’t find this for sale anywhere but Ebay

tech deck longboard

Warning: This has TINY pieces. We already lost one wheel nut in the carpet. Dylan was SUPER excited about this though. He has wanted one for a while. He spent the rest of the evening watching skateboard videos on YouTube.

DC Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure, $6.08 on Amazon


Christopher thinks this guy is pretty awesome. He looks a little creepy to me. But I’m not a 9 year old boy either.

Order 66 Star Wars Pocket Model Card Game, $1.99 on Amazon


The boys are excited to play this. I hope the rules are easy enough to follow. They have another Star Wars card game that the rules are too hard to follow so they just make up their own. Which means someone is always mad.

Pokemon Supersize Chrome 5 pack, set $7.99, I didn’t find these for sale anywhere but eBay.

pokemon supersize chrome

Christopher is currently really into Pokemon and he was really hoping for some cards in this box. He got his wish!

Overall, my boys LOVED this box. It cost $13.99 plus shipping making it $19.99 and had a value of around $40. They have boxes for boys and for girls. This was the boys box. There is also Nerd Block Classic and Horror block which are $19.99. You can check them all out at

Is this something you would get for your kids? Or for you?

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