Nun Tweets

May 10, 2012

in Confessions

Nuns tweet. Apparently. As soon as I heard about this I had to find out.

After an interesting discussion in my office which ended with the formation of a business to help nuns and priests with their social media endeavors, appropriately called Connected Clergy, I set out to become the foremost expert on nun tweets.

After all, as Leslie (a girl in my office) says, someday someone will want to write a thesis on the social media activities of the clergy.

As I began my research, I was frankly astounded by the sheer number of nuns on Twitter. In fact, there is even a hash tag #WhatSistersMeanToMe for how nuns have made a difference in your life.

(This is the part where I show how ignorant I am about nuns in general.)

I have always pictured nuns as being like this…

What I discovered is that Nuns are really more like

Even more surprising, the Vatican WANTS nuns to tweet. According to USA Today, "The Vatican wants the powerful women's voices to stress the Catholic vision for marriage and sexuality and to spend more time campaigning against abortion, gay marriage and women's ordination."

So what do nuns tweet about?

Good books

Complaints – albeit MUCH nicer than most




Current Events

And limes

Nuns even blog. I'm loving The Awkward Catholic. It's extremely enlightening (no nun pun intended).

And give shout outs

I'm starting to think that nuns are WAY cooler than we are led to believe.