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May 25, 2014

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.


Whether your child is teething, training, or starting to brush on his or her own, Orajel has you covered during every stage of oral development.

I started using Orajel when my kids were teething as babies. I tried all sorts of home remedies. I walked, I drove around the block over and over again, I sang. But I wasn’t providing any relief from the pain. I tried frozen teething rings but neither of my boys liked them. The Orajel tablets and gel were the only things out there that seemed to provide any relief.

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The tablets are super easy to use as is the gel.You just dissolve the tablets in water and run on your baby’s gums. The gel you just rub on the gums. It takes a few minutes to be fully effective, but then you might just get your smiling baby back. And some sleep.

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When I took my boys to the dentist the first time, they recommended using Orajel Toddler training toothpaste for my oldest. It’s safe if they swallow some on accident so kids can start learning to brush their own teeth! Of course, you still have to remind them. Twice a day every day. Even on the weekends. Even all summer. Even if you are sleepy. It’s also a good idea for your kids to see you practicing good oral hygiene. They copy everything you do anyway.

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The dentist recommended Orajel Tooth and Gum cleaner for my youngest. I really had no idea that you needed to be cleaning your kids’ gums before they even got teeth! But you do. It helps remove bacteria from their mouths and also prepares them for more teeth and for brushing their teeth.  I like that the brushes in both of these products are an appropriate size for my kids’ mouths and they toothpaste tastes good (I tried it) so they actually want to use it.



We are now at the stage where my youngest is losing his teeth. And he is ready for the Tooth Fairy to visit!

tooth fairy pillow

Orajel wants to celebrate your child’s smiling milestones – or “Smilestones.” Share your favorite Smilestones on http://on.fb.me/1mFhyj2 – from baby’s first tooth to child’s first day of school – and you can be entered to win a grand prize trip for a family of four to Beaches Resorts.

What are your favorite Smilestones? Leave a comment below!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.

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