Protecting Your Child From CyberBullying

September 3, 2014

in Lifestyle

It seems that children are getting their own smartphones and internet-accessible devices at a younger and younger age in today’s world. Being connected 24/7 is no longer such a strange phenomenon and while it does have its perks, there are some drawbacks to be considered, especially for adolescents. Cyberbullying is rapidly spreading among middle schools and high schools and for those victimized, it is a very serious and damaging problem.

Unfortunately, of the 62% of children who have witnessed cyberbullying, 90% will not tell their parents or an adult when it occurs. This is a frightening statistic for parents – if you don’t even know there’s a problem, how can you do anything to help? The infographic below, by, shares a closer look at this rising epidemic and provides helpful ways for parents to get started protecting their children online.

While your kids might be able to text faster than you, keeping them safe online has never been more important than it is today.

Protecting Your Child From Cyberbullying

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Lindsey Renuard is a blogger, YouTube beauty expert, and the Managing Editor of the Skiatook Journal.

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