Rise of the Guardians – Review

November 23, 2012

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This is one of the best kids movies I have seen in a long time.

The characters of Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Sandman are Guardians keeping the world safe. And most importantly, keeping the belief in magic and therefore hope alive with the kids of the world.

They are also not your typical portrayals of these characters, which is one of the things that makes this movie so great. Santa has tattoos. The Easter Bunny is 6'1 and can use a boomerang with precision skill. The basic purpose of each of these beloved characters is the same. Neither of my kids complained about any differences. In fact, they thought the characters were much cooler than they had ever thought.

Jack Frost is introduced as a new Guardian, but also someone who is a bit lost. He doesn't know why he was chosen to be a Guardian since he seems to just make a mess of everything and no one believes in him. He has to figure it out though because the world needs him. The Guardians need him. He has to help save everyone from Pitch, the Boogeyman.

I loved this movie for a lot of reasons. First I loved the creative portrayals of these characters we routinely ask our children to believe in. They seemed more real. More believable. More bad ass.

Second, the main character isn't sure of himself. He struggles with believing in himself and finding out what it is that makes him special. What he discovers that makes him special isn't a super hero power. It's something every kid has access to. It made my oldest realize you don't have to be a superhero to help people. You just had to want to. I think that's a pretty powerful life lesson.

Lastly I loved this movie because it opened up a discussion about nightmares. The Boogeyman turns all of the dreams into nightmares. He preys on fear.


In the end, the real children stand with the Guardians and defeat the Boogeyman. They were afraid, but they faced their fear and turned all the nightmares back into nice dreams. Pretty useful skill to teach kids.


I was worried that with the movie being rated PG it might be a little scary for Little Brother, who is 4. He didn't like the bad guy, but he didn't want to leave or hide. He wasn't scared enough that he wanted to stop watching – and he won't watch a lot of things because they are too scary.

This is a movie that I would highly recommend. I'm even looking forward to playing the video game!

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