Room by Emma Donoghue

September 27, 2013

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Room by Emma Donoghue is narrated by Jack, a five year old boy who has lived in a 11×11 room his entire life. It takes some getting used to Jack’s voice as the narrator. His sentences are somewhat choppy. Having a five year old son myself, I think Jack would have spoken a little better. His voice is mostly accurate though.

Jack starts to tell us his story of him and his Ma who live in Room. It becomes quickly obvious by Jack’s description of Room that Jack’s Ma was kidnapped and held prisoner for a very long time. Long enough to produce Jack and for Jack to celebrate his 5th birthday in Room.

This story was a bit eerie to read after the Ariel Castro case so recently in the news. It made the experience those three girls went through that much more scary and that much more real.

Room isn’t a crime novel or a thriller. It is a story about Jack. It is a story about what your perceptions of the world might be like if you lived in an 11×11 room, where there is no world, and didn’t know there was anything at all outside those walls.

It is a story about frustration, hope, change, and survival.

I really enjoyed the psychology in this story. The only thing that made this a bit of a difficult read was getting used to Jack’s voice as the narrator.

3 Stars

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Appreciate it! That has been great and thus easy for making.
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