Scrub It Saturday – Which Mop is the Best?

May 2, 2009

in Lifestyle

Do those handy mops work as well as a traditional mop? I tested the two major easy mops as well as a traditional sponge mop and a rag mop to find out which worked the best. I tried all of these mops on three areas of my house, the kitchen under the highchair, the children’s bathroom, and the laundry room which contain a cat litter box. All are tough areas to clean and are covered with vinyl flooring.

The Clorox Ready Mop and Swiffer Wet Jet were almost exactly the same as far as performance. I had to use quite a bit of the solution to completely cover the floor. If I used a smaller amount of solution, the floor would not become even the slightest bit cleaner. However, with the larger amount of solution, there was a slightly sticky feeling remaining on the floor. An easy sweep through did not clean any of the food from under the high chair and didn’t remove any of the urine from the bathroom floor. It also did not clean up dirt from the laundry room floor. Instead I was left with a bit of a muddy mess. This mop was very helpful for cleaning up juice spills right after they happened. My final call is that this is not a great cleaning mop, but it great to have on hand for the quick cleanup.

The rag mop rated higher than the easy mops. I used this mop with two different mop solutions, Mr. Clean and Green Works. Both cleaners worked well. Mr. Clean was able to clean ever so slightly better with the rag mop. The majority of my floors were clean after the combination of both cleaners and the rag mop. Under the high chair still required additional scrubbing. It was very easy to rinse out. Final call is that this is a great mop to use if you don’t have small children.

The sponge mop I used had an additional function. You could flip it over and use a scrub brush to get those hard to clean spots. This was the best way, of all those tested, to clean under the high chair. I tried the sponge mop with both Mr. Clean and Green Works. With the sponge mop, both cleaners worked equally well. The floor was clean and no reside remained. No additional scrubbing was required. It was not as easy to rinse out as the rag mop, but the additional cleaning power was worth it. Final call, this is the best mop for my situation. I would recommend a sponge mop with an additional scrub brush on the other side for those with kids.