Simple ways to make your house a home

April 1, 2015

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Getting the keys to a new property can be a great feeling. The only trouble is, it can take weeks, months or even longer before your house starts to feel like a home – and until it does, it might be impossible to really relax in the place. Luckily, help is at hand. By following these simple design suggestions, you should be able to put your stamp on your new property in no time.

Give your window dressings the wow factor

One easy and inexpensive way to inject some personality into your rooms is to invest in the perfect window dressings. All too often, people see these products as an interior design afterthought and they sling any old blinds or curtains up simply to fill the space. However, by being a little creative in your choice of window furnishings, you can transform the look of your home. Specialist suppliers such as The Blinds Company offer curtains and blinds in an array of colours, materials and styles, meaning you certainly won’t be stuck for choice. From blockout blinds and curtains to sunscreen and light filtering versions, the options are almost limitless.

For a lavish and at the same time practical finish, you can layer these window treatments. For example, mixing and matching blockout blinds with elegant sheer curtains can give your rooms a soft, luxurious look and feel, and it means you have total flexibility in terms of light levels and privacy.

Another superb window feature, and one that can really turn heads, is the plantation shutter. Depending on their environment, these alternative window coverings can exude rustic charm or showcase contemporary style. Adding such shutters to your property is a sure fire way to transform its look and feel.

Don’t make compromises with your decor

House hunters are always advised to ignore decor when they’re looking around properties. After all, it doesn’t take much to give the walls a fresh lick of paint after moving in. Despite this, a surprisingly high number of new homeowners neglect to change the colour scheme when they get the keys to their properties. These people are missing a trick. Bear in mind that the very best time to decorate your property is before you’ve even fully unpacked. This way, there’s less of a risk of your furniture getting damaged and you’ll have easier access to your walls. Being efficient like this also helps ensure you don’t end up putting this design task off indefinitely.

By displaying the hues of your choice in your property, rather than the previous owner’s, you’re already halfway to making it feel like home.

Purchase artwork with the personal touch

There’s certainly a place for generic wall prints and posters. For one thing, they can be cheap! However, when you’re trying to put your stamp on your property, these impersonal decorations won’t help. It might require a little more time, effort and expense, but it’s worth seeking out artwork that really means something to you. Whether these pieces are crafted by painters you have a particular penchant for, they depict scenes you love or they bring happy memories flooding back, artwork with the personal touch can really lift the look and feel of your home.

Remember that comfort counts

Even if you’re trying to create a chic, minimalist space, don’t forget that comfort counts when you’re relaxing at home. This is why it pays off to invest in plenty of soft furnishings, including throws, cushions and rugs. These products can help to give rooms a soothing vibe. Meanwhile, make sure your sofas, seats and beds feel as good as they look.

Following design tips like these will help ensure you feel at home in your new place pronto.


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