Spring 2013 Fashion Trends – Hot or Not?

March 29, 2013

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Bermuda Shorts – Basically shorts that end just above the knee. I have to admit I like crops better, but I'm not a big fan of my knees. While I can't embrace the skinny version of these shorts, I like the cargo style.

skinny bermuda shorts images2

Black and White – This is a trend I can rock without having to shop anywhere by my closet! Black and white is always a good trend though I could do without the geometrics.


Cutouts – While great is you are J.Lo or Xtina, I don't see this as being all that practical for real people unless it is done at a minimum. One small cutout in a not so revealing place such as on the arm or shoulder.


Statement Sunglasses – This isn't a trend I will participate in. Yes, it is fun. I'm not this fun I guess. I think it just looks silly. Unless you are Lady Gaga. In which case no one will probably notice your glasses over your dress made from ceiling insulation and macaroni art.

statement sunglasses

Bold Stripes – I have to admit that while not having been a stripes fan for most of my life, I do like some of these stripes. I like the varied widths but again, I could do without the bold geometric statements.


Leather, Flared tops, printed and pastel skinny jeans – Here is a 4 for 1 trend. Leather looks nice, but the cost and care really don't make it practical. These flared peplum tops just aren't flattering unless you are a supermodel with a 10 inch waist and 11 inch hips. Printed skinny jeans are just awful. I haven't seen a good pattern yet. Pastel skinny jeans, the jury is still out. I am starting to like skinny jeans more and more because of the ability to wear flats or show off your cute heels. Paired with a flowy top this could be good.


Short Suits – Not is you want anyone to take you seriously. Unless you are a barker at a circus, stay away!


Which Spring trends are you looking forward to wearing the most?

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