Spring Cleaning for Your Life!

March 14, 2012

in Lifestyle

1. Get rid of cable – With services like Netflix, Hulu, and the full episodes offered by many TV stations, you can keep up with your favorite shows without paying that large cable bill. While you are at it, cancel your home phone service too. Average savings: $150 a month plus getting rid of all those cable boxes. Benefit to your life – no channel surfing! You will get more done than just watching TV.

2. Give up caffeine – How much of your time and budget do you spend on caffeine? Save the drive-throughs, money, and frustration of trying to get your programmable coffee pot to start at the right time by cutting out caffeine completely. Your wallet will thank you. You body will feel better. It will take a couple of weeks to get over the addiction to caffeine. Be prepared. Instead, drink lots of water (I put Crystal Light 0 calorie in mine) and up your B vitamin intake. You will find that after a couple of weeks your mind is clearer and more alert than WITH caffeine.

3. Find 30 minutes a day for YOU – Declutter your soul by finding 30 minutes a day just for you. Read a book, write a book, take a bath, meditate, pray, journal, paint, or even just lay in bed and reflect before falling asleep. Taking time out to enjoy your day even just a little will make your life easier.

4. Exercise – The best way to declutter your brain and clean out all that extra winter padding is exercise. 30 minutes of aerobic exercise is recommended each day. The good news is you can break this up into 3 10 minute segments. Try out these 10 exercises that will also help you clean your house.

5. Carry a notepad – Another great way to clear the cobwebs of your mind is to carry a notepad. Jot stuff down so you don't forget. By the way, there's an app for that.

6.  Go digital – Clear up the storage bins in your home by going digital. Convert CDs to MP3s. Store DVDs on a USB hard drive and play through a device like Roku. Get an e-reader.

7. Examine your relationships – Is there someone in your life who really shouldn't be there? Maybe that person is a constant drain or a permanent negative influence. Time to sever that friendship. Its like a band-aid. It hurts for a second, but then its all better.

8. Clean up your finances – This isn't the point where I tell you the magic way to pay off debt. There isn't one. Get over it. However, you can make a budget and stick to it. You can do some of those things you have been meaning to do like cancel the insurance on a credit card. Caulk your windows to save on the electric bill. Organize your coupons.

9. Clean out your closet – OK, so that's already on your Spring cleaning checklist. Make sure to get rid of any clothes that don't fit properly. There is nothing that dampens a mood more than putting on something in the morning that doesn't fit right and having to change. You start off the day worrying about your body image.

10. Declutter your schedule – Schedules are stressful. Find a way to keep your schedule organized. I keep mine on my iPad with Pocket Informant HD. You don't need to go fancy. A simple calendar will do. This will also help you to be able to say no when you are overscheduled already.