Summer Fashion Trends and Clothing Deals

May 29, 2014

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Summer Fashion Trends and Clothing Deals

This summer’s trends are all about color, variety and a sense of laid-back cool. That’s good news for stylish gals on a budget, because there are plenty of ways to get the look and keep most of your cash. Read on to learn the best inexpensive ways to refresh your summer wardrobe.

Clothing Swaps

One of the best ways to refresh your wardrobe is with a good, old-fashion clothing swap. Here’s how they work: go through your closet and remove all the stuff that you no longer love (a good rule is that if you haven’t worn the thing in more than a year, you probably won’t miss it). Bag up the goods and then invite your fashion-forward friends to bring over their own once-loved items. Throw the clothes all in a big pile (or keep it neatly stacked, if you prefer a Gap-like shopping experience), open a bottle of wine and dig in. This is a great way to add new-to-you summery pieces to your wardrobe without spending a dime. Bump up the feel-good factor of this event by donating all the left over items to your local charity. If you lack fashionable friends, check out to find nearby fashionistas ready to swap.

Online Deals

If it’s the cutting-edge, off-the-shelf styles you crave, go with online retailers. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated e-commerce sales around 71.2 billion in the first quarter of 2014. With this growing industry, there are more and more opportunities to snag screaming e-deals. Online retailers are rolling out their summer fashions and there are tons of budget-friendly options to boost your carefree summer style without hurting your savings plan. Sites like and offer a huge variety of adorable summer styles at very reasonable prices. Swimwear options like those found at offer a variety of choices to make a splash at your up-coming pool party or beach vacation, and affordable enough to get lots of different styles. Pay attention to bundled-order shipping cost deals, which can free up more cash for more items.

Thrift Stores

Bright scarves, funny t-shirts and colorful accessories are a summer gal’s staples— and a thrift store is a great place to find inexpensive options. Thrift store shopping is gaining popularity with younger shoppers, which the business experts at attribute to the shift toward better organization and barely worn merchandise. If you’re willing to spend and afternoon hunting, larger stores like Savers and Goodwill can yield big rewards and tiny prices. Oh, and you can probably snag some low-cost patio furniture while you’re there, so you can lounge and look great. Secondhand retailers like Buffalo Exchange or those that specialize in gently used couture and consignment offer a blend of high-end and savings-friendly options. These kinds of stores are great for those who are squeamish about used clothes, as they typically also offer a fair share new items at thrift store prices. With the savings you’ll get from these low prices, you’ll be able to not only afford your dream summer adventure, you’ll also look great doing it.

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Lindsey Renuard is a blogger, YouTube beauty expert, and the Managing Editor of the Skiatook Journal.

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