Summer Reading Wrap-Up

September 2, 2013

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I chose quite a few books to read this summer. I figured we would spend a lot of time at the pool. Then it rained. A lot. I did get most of the books read, but not all.

Dead Ever After

FINISHED – I did like this book a lot. I didn't think it was as good as the other ones and left me wanting to know more. I wanted a more definite wrap-up. I guess other people did too since there is going to be a 13 1/2.

Let's Pretend this Never Happened

Read my REVIEW Do not read if easily offended. Check out her blog – The Bloggess

Gone Girl

LOVED this book. Read my REVIEW. I liked it so much I checked out another one if her books, Sharp Objects. Read that REVIEW.


Call Me Zelda


From the writer of Hemingway's Girl – one of my favorite books I've ever read!

Life of Pi

Read the book. Saw the movie. Both were great. Read my REVIEW.

Reconstructing Amelia

I did not read this one yet.

Bones to Ashes

FINISHED! I love this crime series. It's not like the Bones TV show, but that show is based off these books. Different characters. No Booth. I don't usually write reviews of these. Maybe I should. Do you want reviews of the less literary books?


Didn't get to this one.


I read World War Z, even though it wasn't on the list, because I found a copy at the library! Read my REVIEW.


And I read The Glass Wives on a recommendation. Read my REVIEW.


So I didn't get to two books on the list, but I added in three unexpectedly. I guess I actually did pretty good.

What did you read this summer?

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