Is tap water safe for my children to drink?

May 3, 2017

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What is the best drinking water for my children?

As parents, nothing is more important to us that the health and safety of our children. Not only do we want our kids to consume enough water to keep them healthy, we want to make sure the water we give them is the best quality.  For many of us, this is why we turn to bottled water.  But perhaps we’ve abandoned the indoor fountains we used in our youth a bit prematurely. 


Although the creative marketing pictures adorned on bottled water labels, depicting a remote and pure water source, the truth is, about a quarter of bottled water companies source their water from local municipal supply.  That means you are paying at least 300 times the cost of tap water per gallon for bottled water sourced from the exact same place.  Get the full story here.

In fact, the average American spends over $100 a year on bottled water.  If you multiply the cost by the number of people in your home, I think you’ll find the vacation money you were looking for. 


From a safety perspective, this can be concerning, because it is the EPA who regulates the contents of municipal supply drinking water, and the FDA regulates the contents of bottled water.  Not only is the EPA much more stringent in their regulations, but there is even much confusion within the bottled water industry as to who regulates locally sourced bottled water, leaving many local markets under regulated.

Another cause for concern is the PET and BPA contents found in plastic drinking water, especially when heated.  This is a big issue for children, as they tend to leave bottles of water out in the sun as they play in parks or forgotten cars, where the temperature reaches dangerous levels. Once heated, the chemicals found in the plastic bottles are released into the water you drink. This article describes how it happens.

Ethics Factor

It is our job as parents to guide our children as they grow into adults on responsible practices.  With a worldwide water crisis and the proven negative impact of plastics on our environment, what better way to teach your children environmental awareness than to opt for tap water instead.

All things considered, I think we can agree that choosing filtered tap water is a far better option than reaching for plastic bottles.  With the advent of mini filters that attach to the inside of reusable glass and steel bottles, there is no reasonable objection to abstaining from bottled water usage.  The bottled water marketing industry would have you believe their water is cleaner and safer than tap, but the facts simply don’t support that theory.


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