Tea Sparrow Subscription Review and Coupon

May 2, 2014

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Tea Sparrow is a monthly subscription service for loose tea.

Each month you get 4 bags of loose teas that have been selected from around the world. Each box averages 35 cups of tea. The subscription costs $20 per month. You do have the option to pause and restart your subscription at any time.

Tea Sparrow sent me this box to review. Some of the information and photos comes from the Tea Sparrow website.

April’s teas are all supposed to help you through allergy season.

The subscription comes in a regular packing box. It was long and somewhat thin.

Tea Sparrow

When you open it up there is a card telling you about the tea as well as some helpful hints for brewing perfectly.

Tea Sparrow

The teas come in sealed bags with labels that tell you all about the tea. It also includes ingredients which is really nice, and brewing directions.

Tea Sparrow

The first tea was Milk Oolong, which is a caffeinated oolong tea.

Milk-Oolong-Theme-200x300 Milk-Oolong-200x300

This tea, known in China as ‘black dragon tea,’ boasts many health benefits such as maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, aiding in weight loss, maintaining healthy teeth and bones, as well as reducing stress and promoting healthy skin.

The second tea was Apeldoorn’s House Blend, which is a caffeinated black tea.

Apeldoorns-House-Blend-Tea-200x300 Apeldoorns-House-Blend-Theme-200x300

Most people don’t realize black tea comes with many of the similar health benefits as green tea, including reduced risk of stroke and heart disease, among many others. As well, black tea is said to increase energy, aid in digestive health and to promote healthy skin and hair. Black tea’s tannins are also great immunity-boosters.

Black tea is my current favorite and this one smells so great! They all smell great, but this one was my favorite.

Up next was organic peppermint. I’m not as excited about this one because I’m not a big peppermint fan, but I have also never tried a peppermint tea. I’m sure it’s quite different than eating peppermint so I will be trying this one out to see how I like it.

Sonnentor-Peppermint-Tea-200x300 Sonnentor-Peppermint-Theme1-200x300

Did you know that peppermint tea has been used medicinally for centuries? It is known to improve digestive health, reduce headaches, support menstrual health, lower fevers, and reduce inflammation.

The last tea in the box was Freedom Tea, which is an herbal lemon tea. I bet this one would make a great iced tea too.

Freedom-Tea-Theme-200x300 Freedom-Tea

This incredibly flavoured caffeine-free tea is growing quickly in popularity but did you know that it also contains high amounts of antioxidants? Although the antioxidants found in rooibos tea are different from those in green tea, they are still known to fight off free radicals in the body. Rooibos tea is also known to fight off cardiovascular disease, liver disease and lower blood pressure.

One thing I really like about the Tea Sparrow website is the information you get about each tea. You can find out where it’s from, the health info like I provided above, customer reviews, and similar tea suggestions. They connect you directly to where you can buy the teas you love or just want to try.

The Tea Sparrow teas are a great quality and you get a lot of tea for the price. Plus, you get to taste tea from around the world! That’s pretty exciting to me. Three of these teas I would never pick up in the store just because I have never tried them. But with Tea Sparrow I will.

To expand your horizons for 60% off visit http://www.teasparrow.com/promo/ and use the password teas to get 60% off your first month.

Which tea would you like the best?


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