Teaching Kids Playground Lessons

October 10, 2012

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If you have ever been a kid, and chances are if you can read this you have been, you know that the school playground isn't always fun and games. Its also teasing, jokes, learning bad words, and all sorts of other things kids can think up.

Parenting seems to be divided into three distinct groups when it comes to playground shenanigans: those who ignore it, those who try to avoid it, and those who embrace it.

I fall into the embrace it category.

I also have sons and not daughters. Maybe that makes a difference.

Sure, you can try to avoid or ignore the fact that your kids are someday going to hear a dirty joke on the playground. They are going to hear bad words, and repeat them. They are going to learn that bodily functions are funny. You can try, but it isn't going to make it go away. I don't think the ostrich approach works for parenting. If I pretend that my kids live in a bubble it will actually happen that way! Not a chance.

I want my kids to be prepared for the way things really are.

Last night we had a half hour drive home at the end of the day and both boys had gas. Basically my back seat turned into a symphony of farts, giggles, and blames. It got really old really fast.

So instead of listening to them argue of whose fart that one was, I taught them the important life lesson of, "he who smelt it, dealt it." My life was instantly improved. No more arguing. It was still stinky because this lesson does not make the gas go away. It just makes it so no one wants to claim the fart.

Should I teach them these playground lessons? Why not. They will learn it sooner or later anyway.

What playground lessons have you taught your kids?

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