That One Where My Kid Teaches Me How to Deal with Difficult People

January 9, 2013

in Confessions

Big Brother has been having a tough time of it lately. Some kids at school were calling him a nerd.

We live in a state that loves football. We have two major college teams and high school football is king of Friday night in the fall. Football is apparently even important in elementary school. At least it is when you live in a school district that is almost always vying for the State Championship title.

Big Brother is pretty skinny. And he probably talks about video games nonstop. He wants to design video games when he grows up. (Be a VGD as he calls it.) And he gets his feelings hurt very easily. And he doesn't play football. He plays soccer and does karate. And he is insanely smart. His teacher has me send books from home for him to read because she doesn't have books on his level in her classroom.

But that does not make him a nerd.

When I heard about his I did what every mother would do. I told him to tell those football players who were picking on him that someday he would OWN their football team and be their boss. And David Beckham is way hotter than any football player. And everywhere else in the world football IS soccer, so technically he does play football.

I'm sure you can hear the tone of voice and see the facial expression that accompanied the MOM! that followed.

So I told him to tell his teachers. Which didn't work. Instead, he started noticing other kids that were getting picked on.

And stood up for them.

He got picked on worse.

But his attitude won him the Character Award for respect at school.


The last couple of days of Christmas break, he was in tears about school starting back up. He didn't want to go back to school because of three boys that picked on him. The boys called him nerd and weak. They tripped him and elbowed him. He said he would even want to go to a different school if it weren't for E-, his best friend, his TRUE friend. They share secrets that no one else in the school knows. E- plays football, but thinks he is really terrible at it. Big Brother thinks he really might be a nerd. These are huge secrets to share when you are 7 years old.

I finally got him to tell me who the boys were. Of the three boys, I knew one of their mothers. So I messaged her because I knew that she was super nice and wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior from D-. She said she talked to him about it briefly before school Monday.

When I picked Big Brother up from school Monday and worridly asked how his day was, he said it was great. D- hadn't picked on him all morning so at lunch, Big Brother asked him if they could start over and be friends.

After half a day of just not bad behavior.

We should all be so forgiving and so brave.

Tuesday he asked ST- the same question. They are friends now.

I'm hoping when I pick him up today, its three for three.

That super sensitive, skinny, silly, too grown up for 7 kid is my hero.