That Time I Had my Tarot Cards Read

August 8, 2013

in Confessions

One year for my birthday, I asked for a trip to New Orleans. It is an amazing city full of history and voodoo and cemetaries and vampires and Trent Reznor and ghosts and artists.

As I was in the top of my closet pulling down Little Brother's baby book (he asked to see it) I came across a tape that a psychic made when she read my Tarot cards at Bottom of the Cup Tea Room.

Bottom of the Cup Tea Room

So I popped it in to listen

An yes, we still have a casette tape player. It belongs to Little Brother. He graciously stopped jumping on his bed and turned off Now That What I Call Music 4,862 to let me borrow it for a few minutes.

She said I would end not end up marrying the guy I was dating but that his dad would survive his cancer long enough to attend his college graduation. I didn't and he didn't.

She said I would meet a guy in the Army or Navy and marry him and that I would work for the military, but before I met this guy. The Daddy was a Marine which is part of the Department of the Navy and I did teach a freshman comp class on an Air Force base for a semester before I met him.

She said I would have 2 kids, a boy and a girl. My two sons didn't follow her cue.

She also said I would write a cookbook. I scoffed at the time.

Now I post recipes on my blog and my son has his own Kids Cooking YouTube channel.

The Tarot reader was about half wrong and half right.

I don't really believe in Tarot readings. I do believe that some people have a talent for reading between the lines of what people say.

And it was fun, years later, to revisit this fun trip to New Orleans.

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