The Glass Wives

July 15, 2013

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The Glass Wives is a story of two women and their lives after the death of the {ex}husband.

Evie, the first wife a mother to twins, is forced into a new redefinition of her life after Richard's death. She had finally found herself on solid ground again after divorcing the cheating Richard. Now she is faced with his death, and his new wife and their baby.

Nicole is the new wife with a young son. Who can't really even begin to know what to do next.

This book doesn't have much action. In fact, most of the excitement happens before the book begins. What is does have is character. It gives you a grand look into Evie's perspective as she works her way through the week's after Richard's death. The lives of the two women, though seemingly now terminally separated, actually begin to stitch together.

This is not a book that will leave you raving, but it is a great light poolside read with characters that we can all relate to.


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