The Next Chapter

March 1, 2013

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Today begins a new chapter in our lives – in more ways than one.

We got the keys to our new apartment this afternoon. It wasn't easy. The apartment we were originally given wasn't the right one. Luckily they did have one of the right ones that was vacant. Anyway, at least they were really nice about me being a pain in the butt and complaining and having to redo everything.

Even though we moved to our new school a couple of weeks ago with an emergency transfer because Big Brother was being bullied, today the move starts. We are hoping this chapter will be less stressful with nicer people and more friends. A good song and dance number would be nice too.

The apartment doesn't look like much yet, but it will.

living room 313782_10100407125509451_1986121016_n

But we also turned another huge page today. I was not prepared for both things to happen on the same day.

Big Brother is sick, so he stayed home from school today but Little Brother still went. He still wanted me to drop him off in the drop off line. This is usually what I do, but Big Brother always puts his arm around his brother and they walk into the school together.

Today I watched Little Brother walk in all by himself. He walked with purpose, with his head straight forward and his backpack slug over his shoulder.

Little Brother is moving from the little kid chapter to the big kid chapter. He is 5 years old. It had to happen. I just wasn't ready for it this morning.

I'm sure I held up the drop off line watching him.

I'm sure that if I explained to those moms I was holding up, they would have let me sit there all day if I needed to and just driven around.

I'm sure that today, we are taking a giant step forward.

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