The One Where I Moan About My Kids Growing Up…Again

May 6, 2013

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My kids have three weeks of school left and that means we are on a new precipice. And the final time I will be there. Kindergarden.

Back in 2010 I wrote about how my role as a mom would change when Big Brother started kindergarden.

I was right. It was like from the moment he starteds kindergarden he started this march forward of needing me less and less. Big Brother is finishing up 2nd grade and headed to 3rd. He can pretty much read anything he wants and I'm pretty sure he is better at math than I am. He loves science and art and thinks he looks more mature with holes in the knees of his pants. He refuses to wear jeans. They scratch.

Now it's Little Brother's turn. He will graduate from pre-k in three weeks and start that march of learning that he doesn't need his mom quite so much anymore. I can't tell if it's easier or harder this time. Last time was the first time, but this is the last time.

The last first day of kindergarden.

The last time I will help one of my children learn to read and write.

But not the last time my boys will make me emotional about how fast they are growing up.

And although they need me less, there are new moments we can share. Like catching Big Brother reading a story to Little Brother in a fort they made in their bedroom.

Like piling on my bed and watching The Princess Bride, because they get it now.

Like knowing that even though they need me less, both of my boys still want me to hug them, kiss them, and snuggle with them. All. The. TIme. I'm not sure it gets any better than the ferocious love of a little boy for his mom.

A flashback to August 2010.

starting kindergarden


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Chasing Joy May 7, 2013 at 8:01 am

I"m not a mom but I am a daughter.  I will say that at 33 I still need my mom just as much as ever.  In different ways though.   So don't worry.  They will jsut need you differntly now and hopefully you can enjoy them differently too.  ((hugs))

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