Tips For Making Your Apartment Feel Like Home

May 1, 2014

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As a renter, it’s typical to feel as though your current apartment is more of a temporary space and less of a long-term home. Especially in a major metropolitan area where spaces can feel cramped or uncomfortable, and buildings tend to be dated.That being said, there is no reason why you can’t add your own special touches to each room in your apartment. For those looking to revamp their rented living space, the four following tips will help you feel more at home while staying within your budget.

If Walls Could Talk

It’s easier than you think to dress up your rental without challenging your lease agreement. These inexpensive and low-maintenance options will provide your apartment that much needed pop of color and rejuvenation.

Note: Always be sure to check with your landlord before making any sort of changes or updates in your apartment.


Whether you’re eager to touch up the current paint job, or replace the funky color from a previous renter, painting is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to spruce up your apartment. Consider highlighting an accent wall in one of the seasons desired colors, or redo the entire living room in a neutral, soothing hue.


Spice up your paint job by adding a bold pattern or encouraging phrase to your wall. Stencils come in endless shapes, sizes and styles and the process is quite simple. Try out a trendy geometrical print or a bold floral. Alternatively, commemorate a favorite saying by painting it on a living room wall above a collage of family photos.

Removable Wallpaper

When painting and stenciling won’t achieve the desired aesthetic, removable wallpaper will. Ideal for the indecisive renter, this option allows you to really personalize your space with a look that’s totally unexpected.

Dress Up Your Windows

Nothing screams dated as much as cheap, plastic blinds. The standard for most apartment units, replace those flimsy blinds with something chic and elegant. You can polish any room off with curtains and roman shades as they are great for subtle pops of colors or patterns to brighten and lift a room. Curtains can also provide added privacy and insulation—two much-needed functions in most apartment units.

Rework, Rethink, Reinvent

Feeling uninspired by your current furniture? Rework your space by rethinking your layout in terms of feng shui, or by reinventing your furniture entirely. Consider painting your media console or coffee table an exciting, bright color. Introduce new pillows or throw blankets for your couch or love seat. Move the television to another wall and open up your living space as much as possible. You can also stop by the local flea market for cheap finds on eclectic accent pieces.

Swap out the Hardware

Make older pieces new again by installing funky hardware. This extends from furniture items, to kitchen cabinets and built-in drawers throughout the apartment. Opt for a bold color or shape, or perhaps a modern sleek look. Feel free to mix and match for that added bit of spunk.

Let There Be Light

Replace the dinky light fixtures throughout your apartment with modern and fun lighting (be sure to keep the apartments original fixture for when you move out). Opt for an over-size pendant light for the dining room, or a wrought iron candelabra. Swap out the lighting in the bedroom and bathrooms and put in flattering bulbs for the desired aesthetic.

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Alexander May 10, 2014 at 6:42 am

I believe there are numerous benefits of staying in apartment over home. In apartment there is a less expense whether it comes to electricity bills, decorating and furniture. We can give a makeover to our apartment within a budget and make feel like home.

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