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October 29, 2012

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I don't do horror movies. I still have nightmares from the Saw movies I have seen. These are not those movies. These are not the movies that managed to gross me out the most. These are the top 20 movies that managed to scare me but entertain me as well.

In no particular order:

The Cell

Vincent D'Onofrio is a serial killer who has a pretty sick mind, and we get to take a trip straight there with the help of J.Lo. What is scarier than taking a trip through a serial killer's innermost thoughts?


Bugs and spiders don't really bother me. Unless they are super deadly and probably trying to take over the world.

Lawnmower Man

Haven't we learned by now that it isn't good to make computers too useful? Hal anyone? Revenge via virtual reality and the mind of Stephen King. Scary.

The Faculty

The Breakfast Club with aliens.  A jumble of misfit students thinks the faculty is turning into aliens. Josh Hartnett. 1970 Pontiac GTO. A little yum with your scare.

Scream (all of them)

Barring that Matthew Lillard isn't really believable as a serial killer because I've seen Hackers one too many times, these were scary movies. Wes Craven always manages to scare me. There is some gross out factor here, but it still remains in the realm of ok. Probably the scariest movies on this list. Skeet Ulrich and Jerry O'Connell make it easier to watch.


Can you have a scary movie list without Carrie? The mom alone would qualify this bloody high school movie for any scary movie list. Stephen King does it again. One of the classics.


Kevin Bacon goes invisible and starts killing people. You'll never see it coming.

From Dusk Til Dawn

Biker Zombies. George Clooney with a tattoo. Quentin Tarantino who is really just messed up in the head.

I Am Legend

More Zombies. Only one guy that is the hope of the entire world. And that poor dog.

The Shining

Here's Johnny! What's even scarier than The Shining is the detail that went into making the movie. All those typed pages of the novel? Hand typed. In every language the movie was made in. Every single page.

The Exorcist

Can you have a scary movie list without The Exorcist? Just. Creepy.

30 Days of Night

I love this movie for three reasons. It goes back to the original Nosferatu idea of vampires, not the fluffy sparkly kind. It's an original idea being in Alaska where there isn't a dawn to look forward to for days. Josh Harnett.


Funny but still falls into this category because there are zombies. And cardio scares me.

Silent Hill

If you aren't creeped out and scared by this movie, then you probably aren't human. A soul divided in half and the evil half is pure evil killing everyone in her reach – but she's just a little girl!

Dawn of the Dead

I'm noticing a zombie invasion on this list. This movie is another zombie movie. What makes it scary is really the zombie baby that is born. And of course the zombies that want to eat you and rip you apart.

The People Under the Stairs

A Wes Craven cult classic about parents who keep their children locked in the basement and cut their tongues out and stuff.

28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later

Last zombie movie on the list I promise. I like zombie movies. In this one a dud wakes up from a coma and the world has been over run by zombies.

Silence of the Lambs

Lector is just an insane person. And making a girl suit is even creepier.


Admit it. You didn't want to go in the ocean after seeing this one either.


There are really just some depraved people out there. Or at least there are in the movies. Brad Pitt is a cop who tried to catch a really really really bad guy.

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TheProDiva October 29, 2012 at 6:04 pm

Other than the Faculty, I haven't seen any of these movies! I hate horror flicks, but I always feel like I'm missing out on something. In any event, I'm still not watching them! LOL! Happy Halloween!

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