A Trio of Ways to be More ‘Adult’ while Still Holding on to Your Inner Child

January 18, 2017

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Becoming an adult is the classic “grass is always greener” scenario. When we're young, we pine away for the days when we’ll be grown up and seemingly able to do, eat and watch whatever we want. But, now that we've officially entered into the realms of adulthood, we may wish to go back to the often carefree days of our youth.

While you might feel at times like you're still a kid inside the body of a grownup — and find the challenges of “adulting” difficult — you can still embrace your life as a grownup, while still honoring your inner child. Check out the following tips that will help you do just that:

Trade in Impulse Buying for Planned Shopping

When you were a kid, you might have taken your allowance money and immediately spent every penny on candy or toys. While it can still be fun to splurge on things that you want instead of need, as an adult, it’s important to spend your hard-earned money a bit more wisely. Rather than heading to the mall on payday to shop ‘til you drop, think about what essentials you really need to keep on hand — and have fun shopping for those.

A great example is essential clothing items. Stock up your favorite jeans, capri pants and those oh-so comfy T-shirts you wear on your days off. Or, instead of buying some gadget that will ultimately end up collecting dust on your shelf, spring for an extra set of tires for your car. Websites like TireBuyer have a great selection of tires at affordable prices — and they will deliver them right to your door. Other essential items to stock up on include batteries, light bulbs, paper products and more. If you notice any of these on sale, buy some extras and use your savings for an occasional splurge.

Put Away Your Phone at Bedtime

Your smartphone, tablet and laptop are chock full of short-wavelength blue light — the same type of light found in the morning sunlight that helps us wake up. As Entreprenuer notes, if you consistently catch up on texts or watch a movie on your laptop before bed, the blue light is probably messing with your body’s ability to produce melatonin and get a decent quality of sleep.

To embrace your inner adult, put these devices away after dinner and return to the days of your youth when you enjoyed a good book or maybe some relaxing coloring before bedtime. Choose books that you want to read — not only those you feel are “good” for you — and stock up on a few grown-up coloring books, magic markers and colored pencils. Your adult body will thank you for the better nights of sleep — and your inner child will feel like it has traveled back in time.

Start a Retirement Savings Account

Retirement might seem like it’s light years away, but do your adult self a favor and start planning for it now. As All Day notes, most people start setting aside money for the future when it’s too late, so talk to a banker about starting an IRA, and if your employer offers a 401K plan, sign up for it.

While you're busy saving for your golden years of retirement, honor your inner kiddo by buying a bright and cheery piggy bank and putting all of your change into it. At the end of a month or two, count up what’s in there and spend it on something fun, like maybe a dinner and movie night with your spouse or a good friend.

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Lindsey Renuard is a blogger, YouTube beauty expert, and the Managing Editor of the Skiatook Journal.

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