How does a water filtration system in your home work?

June 1, 2017

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What happens when you filter the water in your home?

Getting access to clean water that is healthy to drink can sometimes seem like a complicated issue. You worry about the quality of water which comes straight from the tap, but you are also aware of the environmental issues associated with buying bottled water. So, how do you make sure that the water you are drinking is safe and tasty?

The answer is to filter the water which comes straight from the tap in your home. Using clean and pure water filtration helps you to get the good quality water you are looking for. We are going to explain why you need to filter your tap water, and how the water filtration system works.

Why you should filter tap water

The water company uses chemicals to treat the water it supplies to your home. While this treatment removes a lot of dangerous bugs, the chemicals that are used can leave the water tasting strange. Water is also often treated with sodium, to help reduce its hardness and protect your kitchen appliances. This treatment can leave the water tasting of salt. The water which comes from the tap can also come into contact with other dirt and additives, on its way to your home.

Obviously, you do not want to drink water that has been affected by any of these issues. This is why it makes sense to filter the water in your home.

What happens when you filter your tap water?

There are many water filtration systems on the market, and they work in different ways, but they all make use of the same basic processes. When physical filtration is used, the water is passed through a membrane, or series of membranes, where debris is removed. The debris is disposed of through a pipe which drains away from the water supply. Chemical filtration puts a series of chemicals to use, to filter the imperfections from the water.

Depending on the type of water filtration you use, either of these methods of filtration, or both, may be used. Once the filtration process is complete, you get access to water that is clean, fresh and safe to drink.

Why is drinking clean water so important?

The fact is that we all need to drink sufficient fluids each day, to help us remain healthy. The amount of water needed varies slightly from person to person. Generally, drinking around 8-9 average sized glasses of water a day is a good rule of thumb. Remaining well hydrated is good for you in lots of ways, including helping your kidneys to function effectively and keeping your hair and skin in good condition.

It's important that you ensure the water you drink is clean and safe, because you do not want to negate any of the benefits you are getting.

This is why water filtration is such a good idea. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how it works, and how it can be very useful in your home.

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