Welcome Spring With These Top 5 Interior Design Trends

March 29, 2014

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Spring is finally here! After the long, bitter winter we had in the U.S., blooming flowers and chirping birds are more than welcome. Mother Nature is at its most beautiful during this time of year, so why not beautify your home as well? Use the colors, sights and smells of the season as inspiration to give your interior decor a makeover that will put a “spring” in your step.

Blue Shades

All blue shades are trending this spring but turquoise is definitely the belle of the ball. Go for an analogous palette by choosing turquoise, teal and aqua for upholstery, wall coverings, accents and furniture, as Elle suggests.

Use Glidden’s Color Visualizer from Glidden.com if you’re feeling bold and want to paint your walls a blue shade. This tool will give you a better idea of what your room will look before you commit. Take into consideration the feelings associated with the shade you choose. For example, sky blue promotes relaxation while navy blue feels luxurious. For drama and variety, pair shades of blue with Radiant Orchid—named color of the year by Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014.

Macrame Decor

Macrame has been around for hundreds of years, was popular in the ‘70s, and is now making a comeback. The usage of knots to create textiles brings forth thoughts of sailors and the sea, fitting for the freshness of spring. You can incorporate this trend in your home with rugs, pillow covers or with a DIY wall hanging, suggested by PopSugar. To avoid the outdated look from the past, avoid macrame decor in dull browns and opt for white, black, or a fun color like hot pink.

Unique Lamp Shades

An inexpensive way to breath new life into your home is by looking into alternative lighting. Often overlooked, lampshades add personality to any room. Paper lamp shades in abstract shapes are the most sought after. Lampshades covered in oversized, decorative flowers are also making an appearance this spring. For inspiration on how to use this style trend, and DIY guides on making your own unique lamp shade, follow home decor experts on Pinterest like Joss and Main and Martha Stewart.

Light Wood

Sun-kissed wood, according to PopSugar, will be big during Spring 2014. Furniture of a lighter shade brings openness and light into your home, both traits that are coveted during the warmer seasons. This trend is also more popular for kitchens and dining rooms, than for the bedroom or bathroom. You don’t have to commit to new wood flooring to take part in this trend. Don’t be afraid to mix and match wood, and pair your walnut hardwood flooring with end tables, small trinkets or mirrors made of light wood to create contrast.

Modular Furniture

Modular furniture has one purpose: to be as versatile as possible. This unfussy style of furniture is all the rage this spring. If you could take the components of an Apple product and apply it to your home decor, you’d have modular furniture, in all its white and a clean design glory. Modular furniture can be rearranged in many different ways, offering tons of style combinations and uses. The Q-Couch by Movisi is a great example of a functional modular furniture piece.

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