With American Well, Doctors are Making House Calls Again

April 17, 2014

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.


When you child gets sick, it is almost always in the middle of the night or on the weekend, right? When you need to go to the doctor, you just don’t make it in because you simply don’t have time.

This is why American Well is so fantastic. You can visit a doctor in the comfort of your own home, or your mother-in-law’s home, or on vacation, anytime, day or night. 24/7. 365.

American Well goes above and beyond to make health care convenient. They have an app so you don’t even need to be near a computer to visit face-to-face with a doctor. You can share all information from your visit with your primary care physician, your child’s pediatrician, or any specialist. American Well is HIPPA compliant so all of your personal information is safe and only available to your doctor.

American Well is also affordable. A physician visit costs $49 and a visit with a nutritionist is $25.

Since everyone around here is healthy I decided to have a visit with a nutritionist. I haven’t done that since my Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis back in October.

I logged into the American Well site and there were two nutritionists available. I chose one and clicked connect. I was put on hold and listened to some tips for a great visit while I waited.

American Well

The wait said less than 10 minutes. I actually waited for 3 minutes before I was connected.

American Well

Once in the call you have a visual of your provider and a chat window. We had some trouble hearing each other so I clicked Call Me and we were connected by phone, which made it a lot easier to hear!

After giving Margaret a brief background and some of my stats like blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, height, and A1C, we got started. I told her I was looking for breakfast and lunch ideas since I usually eat breakfast and lunch at my desk at work. All I have access to is a microwave to cook.

A nutritionist call is 25 minutes and background information and technology fixes and giving information to help her answer my questions took all but 8 minutes of our call.

However, that really wasn’t an issue. I was able to get my questions answered fairly well and I got a follow up e-mail with all the tips we had discussed plus a lot more! It had some brand recommendations and recipe ideas. Margaret also extended the call by 3 minutes to cover the material.

When time was up it was up. The call was ended and I got a recorded message thanking me for my visit.

At the end of the visit you have an opportunity to rate your visit and your provider.

American Well

Overall, this was an incredibly helpful visit and well worth $25. I would have paid twice as much at least and spent a great deal more time visiting a nutritionist in person. With this visit there was no drive time and 3 minutes of wait time. At home. In my pajamas.

American Well is a service I would recommend using. My nutritionist was knowledgeable and worked very well within the online environment and time constraints.

American Well would also be great for those late night, weekend, off-hour problems. You know you have a sinus infection and don’t want to wait until you can get in to your regular doctor just to get a z-pack. Or your child has a slight fever and a cough and you aren’t really sure what to do.  American Well doctors are there 24/7.

If anyone is bleeding profusely, having trouble breathing, having chest pains, or has a temperature of 104 or higher, go to the ER instead.

You can give American Well a try FREE. Just use the coupon code SPRING to get one free visit with a doctor or a nutritionist.

How do you think American Well would make your life easier?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.

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