World War Z

August 16, 2013

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World War Z is one of those smart books. One of those books where it bends your brain a little and you like it.

One this I was really hoping for this book is that it would not be just another zombie book.

It wasn't.

The book is an oral history of the zombie war. There isn't really much character development at all. The narrator takes a journalistic approach and stays out other than asking some questions. The interviewees give their portion of the story and we move on. The narrator revisits a few people, but not many.

What does happen in this book is a little bit if genius. This is what I imagine would actually happen if there was such a thing one day as the living dead, and the book reads like a nonfiction account of that occurance.

Max Brooks has thought of all the details. He incorporates the history and world we know with the landscape of a new war. A war we weren't prepared for and didn't believe was coming even after we were warned.

There is not reinvention of the zombie in this book. This is zombies as we know and love them. Infected. Slow. Hungry. That's pretty much it. Nothing else to them.

He hasn't reinvented the human either. The people in this book react as we expect people would. They are greedy. They are scared. They go crazy. They run away. They die. They get infected. And they find a way to fight back.

If you love zombies, if you love history, if like military strategy or history, if you like stories of heros, then this book is for you.

5 star rating

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